Meet Our Producers

Our farmers and ranchers are all located throughout California’s North Valley and range in size from just a few acres to hundreds of acres. We have a variety of producers growing a diversity of products including all types of row crops, from carrots and zucchinis to pumpkins, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and much more, many different stone fruits like peaches, cherries and apricots and many varieties of citrus.

All of the products that you purchase through the NVFH online come directly to you from our participating producers, keeping the farmer identity intact from field to fork.

Our farmers and ranchers all have unique and individual approaches to their production practices - some are certified organic, some emphasize conservation farming while others consider themselves sustainably minded or do not participate in any certification system. However, all of our producers are committed to growing the highest quality products and agree to that standard when they chose to sell through the NVFH.

As a buyer, when you join the NVFH online marketplace you can view detailed profiles for all of our producers to learn more about their individual production practices, unique products, available quantities and see the faces behind the hard-working people growing your food. Become a buyer and learn more about our producers and sellers.

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