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Free local food buyers guide is now in circulation

Buying fresh and buying local is fairly straight-forward when shopping at a familiar farmers market. Yet there is a much larger local world of local food to explore. The third edition of the Buy Fresh, Buy Local Eater’s Guide to Local Food is now available. It contains information on where to buy, sip and sample local foods. Eaters can also find local food spots to visit while entertaining friends from out of town. The Eater’s Guide has been published every two years with help from the North Valley Food Hub, Northern California Regional Land Trust, and Community Alliance with Family Farmers. The goal is to continue to help people easily locate local food in Butte, Glenn and Tehama counties....Read Full Article
>> Chico Enterprise Record | July 01, 2015

North Valley Food Hub is up and running on small scale

Eating local food sounds simple enough. Farmers grow the food and local buyers eat the food. The model works very well on a smaller scale, including farmers markets. However, when a restaurant or cafeteria needs produce, it’s usually easier to find a large distributor who buys produce from near and far.The North Valley Food Hub is hoping to build another option, where local buyers like restaurants and institutions can buy local products. After years of brainstorming and research, a small-scale food hub is open for business. Transactions are now being made on a weekly basis. Organizers are starting small to see if improvements are needed and expect more buyers and sellers when the local harvest kicks into high gear....Read Full Article
>> Chico Enterprise Record | February 16, 2015

Connecting Local Growers to Wholesale Markets with the North Valley Food Hub

Noelle Ferdon, Middle Woman. The North Valley Food Hub, a new organization connecting local growers to wholesale buyers with the ultimate goal of taking the local food movement to new heights in the tri-county area is on the verge of launching. ...Read Full Article
>> Chico News & Review | September 25, 2014

Local Growers Prosper

“The main point of Buy Fresh Buy Local is to raise the visibility of the people who are working hard to produce food locally and those who turn around and sell it or use it, like the restaurants and regional stores,” Ferdon said. “And then, of course, bring the consumer and producer closer together as well.” Local farms like Farmelot in Vina, who grow heirloom and old world varieties of vegetables delivery high quality produce to farmers' markets, grocery stores, and restaurants in the North State. ...Read Full Article
>> Chico News & Review | September 25, 2014

Faculty in Focus: Dr. Jacob Brimlow

“Consumers are increasingly interested in knowing who grew what they’re eating and how it was produced, and this is creating new opportunities for producers,” the agriculture professor says. Too often, however, the necessary infrastructure for local food markets is lacking. A local food hub, Brimlow believes, can address this need, helping to conserve farmland and support the local economy by keeping farmers farming....Read Full Article
>> California State University, Chico Statements Magazine | July 22, 2014

Food Hubs may be formed Locally, Farm Bill funding could help: Local Food Hub Gets a Boost

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack spoke at a press conference about the 2014 Farm Bill, and highlighted $30 million is available each year to support on “local food systems,” including food hubs, like the North Valley Food Hub...Read Full Article
>> Chico Enterprise Record | May 11, 2014

North Valley Food Hub Connects Local Growers, Buyers

Currently in its pilot phase, the North Valley Food Hub is an online marketplace with goals of expanding existing local food markets and creating new opportunities for food buyers and growers in the tri-county area of Butte, Glenn, and Tehama...Read Full Article
>> Inside Chico State | April 07, 2014

Food publication makes second run

The second edition Buy Fresh Buy Local North Valley Eater’s Guide to Local Food, which lists who sells what locally, where to find places to pick your own produce, and helps find restaurants where you can dine on local food is now available...Read Full Article
>> Chico Enterprise Record | April 22, 2013

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