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UPDATE Summer 2018: The North Valley Food Hub is currently pausing its operations to re-evaluate and assess how to best serve farmers and buyers in our region. If you would like more info or have any questions please feel free to send us an email.


The North Valley Food Hub provides critical services to both growers and wholesale buyers that include consolidating transaction costs, creating a one-stop shopping platform for buyers and a marketplace for growers to post and promote their products, and serving as a centralized facilitator for creating and expanding local food markets in California’s North Valley.


The latest version of the Buy Fresh, Buy Local, North Valley Eater's Guide is available here to view or drop us an email or a phone call to request copies.  Thank you for supporting our Buy Fresh, Buy Local North Valley member farms and businesses!

How It Works...

We manage the logistics of buying and selling local food to wholesale markets in the North Valley. 

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• Increase your revenues with new sales & distribution opportunities. Too big for direct-markets but too small for mainstream distribution? We can help!

• Showcase your story and products for buyers.

• Save time on administration and marketing so you can get back to producing more great food.           

To get started, request a verified account online and you can create your profile, post your products, set the price and we help you find buyers.

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• Boost your competitive advantage by sourcing locally. Demand for locally grown foods is increasing.

• Delight your customers. Good stories are good for sales.

• Save time on relationships and logistics; buy from multiple local growers with the ease of one order, one invoice, one transaction.

To get started, request an account, and once you have agreed to the terms of the service and are verified by our Market Manager, you can start shopping!

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